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Healthy Catering

Are you in need of a delicious and healthy food option for your next event? From morning meetings with the team, to social gatherings of any size, Dream Earth Bowls catering is perfect for any occasion at any time of the day - breakfast, lunch, or dinner!


We believe in inspiring people to achieve their goals and making their dreams become reality. Visit us at any one of our locations to share your dream, start conversation with others, and enjoy a healthy meal that fuels your mind & body.


The nature of our bowls helps awaken the vitality and energy our bodies crave. Our menu is designed for you to have the freedom to personalize your bowls and explore new super-foods, putting the creativity back in your hands.


We are committed to global sustainability and sustainable business practices. Beyond our eco friendly materials and packaging, we directly donate 1% of our annual revenue to verified environmental initiatives and charities.

Coconuts About Environmental Impact!

Smoothie Bowls: After buying our coconut bowls, we provide a special discount when you reuse your bowl at any of our Farmers Markets and / or Events.

DIY Coconut Candles: Create your own blend of beautiful aromas in a reclaimed coconut shell.

Grow herbs, plants or flowers: Cultivate nature in a bowl crafted from nature.