The Full Story Of Dream Earth Bowls 

Dream Earth Bowls was established in 2019 by Ashley Yamamoto in Honolulu, Hawaii. Although she was born and raised in Cape Coral, Florida, Ashley discovered her passion for healthy living while working in smoothie shops and health-conscious cafes since she was 16. She was a skilled athlete and student, with gymnastics being her favorite sport.

In 2017, Ashley suffered a tear in her ACL, which meant she could not participate in sports for at least six months. This was devastating news for her.

But Ashley did not give up. She was always drawn to crafting healthy and delicious food, and she felt at home in the healthy lifestyle community. Although she went to college for a semester, Ashley realized that her heart was leading her in a different direction. So, she decided to take a gap year and figure out what her heart was telling her. She took a leap of faith and booked a flight to Hawaii. And that's where the idea for Dream Earth Bowls was born.
During her gap year in Hawaii, Ashley pursued her passion for healthy living by getting certified as a 200hr yoga instructor. She also worked on an organic farm, learning about hard work and communal living. It was during this time that Ashley asked herself some profound questions about her life, such as "What would my dream life look like?" "What kind of contribution do I want to make?" and most importantly, "How can I serve my community?" These questions inspired her to start Dream Earth Bowls.

For the next three years, Ashley honed her skills and crafted her menu, serving her creations at local farmers markets. In 2021, she decided to try serving her acai bowls at the Sarasota Farmers Market, where she felt a special connection. That's when she found her dream location and decided to open up shop.

Ashley's dream is to be a community leader, a guide to her team, a light for her shop, and an example of someone who pursued her dreams.